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          Tuesday @ the Almanac

          Smokie believes local footy and the AFL are ?two different sports, different cultures, different pastimes, ?enjoyed in very different ways.
          What do you think?
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          AFL Round 14

          West Coast 14.22.106 d Essendon 11.5.71
          Sydney 12.10.82 d Hawthorn 9.9.63
          Melbourne 13.7.85 d Fremantle 11.5.71
          St Kilda 8.11.59 d by Brisbane 17.13.115
          Port Adelaide 9.13.67 ?d Geelong 8.8.56
          Western Bulldogs 10.13.73 d by Collingwood 13.4.82

          Byes:?Adelaide, Carlton, Gold Coast Suns, GWS, North Melbourne, Richmond


          Round 15

          Essendon v GWS
          Geelong v Adelaide
          Hawthorn v West Coast Eagles
          Sydney v Gold Coast Suns
          Collingwood v North Melbourne
          Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs
          St Kilda v Richmond
          Brisbane v Melbourne
          Fremantle v Carlton


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